The Bar

At the end of the day, what´s better than taking the edge off with a refreshing beverage in enjoyable surroundings? Our bar is the heartbeat of the place. No reservations are taken there so if you find a seat, you can eat and drink to your heart´s content. An elegant glass of wine, cheeky cocktail or a stiff whiskey from our selection of over 40 titles from around the globe. There is a beverage for any occasion. Happy Hour is daily from 3pm to 6pm so you have plenty of time to order seconds, or thirds for that matter. Drink up


A proper brasserie needs to have it´s own specially brewed beer. We´ve teamed up with the master beer brewers ÖLVISHOLT for the EIRIKSDOTTIR Special Brew, sold only at EIRIKSSON Brasserie. The fresh pilsner taste goes perfectly with just about any dish on our menu and we are very proud to offer it in addition to the selection of tap beers of Stella Artois, and Peroni as well as seasonal offerings.

Happy hour

HAPPY HOUR FROM 15:00 til 18:00

No table reservations for Happy hour

APEROL spritz



1950 ISK




1350 / 1500 ISK